The 37 PRI entries (see the list) were included in the HUM division of DDBJ previous release 63 by our mistake. Details are as follows.
Corresponding release
DDBJ release 63 (September 2005)
Relevant Accession numbers
See the list
These 37 entries are correctly included in the PRI division of DDBJ
release 64 (December 2005)
On the getentry and anonymous FTP, the corrected entries have already
been available.
Affected DDBJ services and period:
All services including the following services
- getentry (eearly October, 2005 - 2005/12/28)
- Anonymous FTP (2005/9/30 - 2005/12/28)
- SRS, ARSA, Homology Search services (early October, 2005 - mid-January,
2006 *)
*Please note that some services will be affected by this trouble even
after release 64 is released, for a short time.
We apologize for our mistake very much.