In DDBJ's homology search programs (WWW, E-mail), divisions can be
specified as one of the search option, and furthermore, in the EST
division, organisms can be selected from 21 organisms which are listed
based on the submitted-numbers' statistics (this option is effective only
when "DDBJ ALL" or "DDBJ updates" is selected). Silurana tropicalis,
one of the 21 EST organisms was merged into Xenopus tropicalis in
But, we missed taking this change into database construction processes,
and also did not change the description of the search page.
Therefore, X. tropicalis have not been able to be selected as
the EST organism, and the search being selected S. tropicalis have not
been made properly.
Detaiils are as follows.
  • Period: 2004.07. - 2006. 01.20
  • Affected databases: all homology search programs (WWW, E-mail)
    except for PSI-BLAST.
  • Situation: When S. tropicalis of EST was specified as a
    division, the search did hit no results (when "select-all" or "others"
    of EST division was selected, the correct results were obtained.)
  • Correction: database construction program bug was fixed.
    Descriptions of the search pages and their help pages were revised.
    Now the correct search results are available. Furthermore, the check
    program to prevent reoccurrence of the trouble will be introduced.
We apologize for the service error over the long period.