The system failures were found in DDBJ's
homology search
If you used DDBJ's homology search services during the
following period, your search result might not be correct. The details
are as follows.
  • Period : February 19, 2006
  • Affected services :all homology search programs (WWW, E-mail)
    except for PSI-BLAST
  • Affected database : nucleotide sequence database
  • Affected divisions : BCT (bacteria)
    GSS (genome survey sequences)
    MAM¡Êmammals other than primates and rodents)
    PLN (plants)
    SYN¡Êsynthetic DNAs¡Ë
    VRT¡Êvertebrates other than mammals¡Ë
The recovery of the system will be notified on this page as soon as the
reparing works are finished. We apologize for the inconvenience.