"getentry" is the entry retrieval system by accession numbers etc, which
is provided by DDBJ via WWW and E-mail servers.
In the getentry web server, to obtain the results, there are 3 ways
(interactively, by E-mail, by anonymous FTP) provided. Among them, when
"anonymous FTP" is selected, up to 100,000 entries can be downloaded as
anonymous FTP by clicking the file name shown in the screen. Although it
may take a lot of time to make the result file for anonymous FTP in case
of a big volume file, there has been a problem that the progress of the
file making could not been checked so far.
To solve this problem, since March 13, 2006, the following 2 functions
are newly equipped for the anonymous FTP.
  1. Check of the status of the file making
    please click "the state of making the file" in the lower frame part,
    then the message showing the file making status are displayed.
  2. Sending the E-mail notifying the completion of the file making for

    If you enter your E-mail address, the E-mail to notify the completion
    of the file making will be sent to you.
Both are very useful when you use anonymous FTP to obtain the getentry
retrieval results.