Because of the network system failures, some DDBJ services are being
suspended now. Details are as follows.
  • Date and time: 16:00 on May 20- (JST)
  • Suspended services:
    ARSA, BLAST, ClustalW, FASTA, getentry, Lib score, LIBRA-I,
    PDB Retriever, PSI-BLAST, SQmatch, SRS, SSEARCH, SSthread
  • Date and time: 0:10 on May 22- (JST)
  • Suspended services:
    DDBJ HP, GIB, Mirroring H-InvDB, SAKURA, Txsearch,
    Vector Screening System
Resume of the services will be announced on the DDBJ HP.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.
The service was resumed at 19:00 on May 23. We apologize for your inconvenience.