The anonymous FTP files corresponding to the announcement of April 21
("DDBJ newly released 7296 Medaka
strain Hd-rR CON entries")
has been replaced on June 8 because of
mess-ups of their gap lengths. The corrected announcement is as follows:


Release of new 31 thousand scaffold/CON entries for
Medaka strain Hd-rR
Apr. 21, 2006
DDBJ newly released 31 thousand Medaka strain Hd-rR scaffold/CON
entries, which had been submitted by University of Tokyo.
They correspond to the Medaka WGS dataset released on 4/11.

Reference URL:

The accession numbers are as follows;

DF038236-DF069193 (30958 entries)

These entries were released as DDBJ daily updates on 4/14.
All of the data can be retrieved at
anonymous FTP site (Oryzias_latipes_CON_060524_1.seq.gz).

We apologize for your inconvenience.