getentry is the entry retrieval system by accession numbers etc, which is provided by DDBJ via WWW and E-mail servers.
Recently, we found there were some entries, which had not been displayed on the web version of getentry for a certain period (see below for details).
The problem entries are contig entries released by DDBJ and GenBank. They include a part of the CON 7269 entries, corresponding to the release of 223 thousands WGS entries of the Medaka strain Hd-rR, released by DDBJ on April 20, 2006.
We kindly request users to conduct their searches again if you have used the web version of getentry in the affected period, using the relevant keywords. Currently, the web version of getentry works normally.
Fortunately, the e-mail version of getentry was not affected by this trouble.
Details are as follows:
  • Affected periods:
    [entries released by DDBJ] April 24, 2006 - May 24, 2006
    [entries released by GenBank] January 4, 2005 * - May 24, 2006

    * Actual date is calculated by the first released date of noticed CH entries (e.g.CM00126)

  • Cause: bug at the web version searching program
  • Condition: Users could not get complete results during the affected period and in the following conditions.
    - when you specify:
    ID as [Accession],
    DATABASE as [Flat File (DDBJ)],
Result as [WWW] and
do the search with the relevant undisplayable entries in the query box.

  • Undisplayable entries:(-->see the accession numbers list)
    [entries released by DDBJ] 1121 entries
    [entries released by GenBank] 1092 entries
  • We deeply apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused to our users.
    We will try to set the preventive measures to cope with these troubles immediately.