Part of ultra-contig and chromosome entries, which were constructed by using Oryzias latipes (Japanese medaka) WGS data, contained illegal values at the location of piece entries in CONTIG lines.
  • The accession and version numbers of wrong ultra-contig and chromosome entries were listed below. At present, all the wrong entries were replaced with corrected ones. The version number of the corrected ultra-contig entries is ".4".

    List of accession and version numbers of the wrong ultra-contigs (42 entries)

    DF076134.3, DF076146.3, DF076156.3, DF076165.3, DF076168.3, DF076174.3,
    DF076189.3, DF076197.3, DF076201.3, DF076203.3, DF076205.3, DF076217.3,
    DF076230.3, DF076245.3, DF076247.3, DF076249.3, DF076256.3, DF076258.3,
    DF076269.3, DF076279.3, DF076281.3, DF076285.3, DF076298.3,
    DF076312.3, DF076313.3, DF076318.3, DF076341.3, DF076366.3, DF076379.3,
    DF076386.3, DF076387.3, DF076391.3, DF076408.3, DF076411.3,
    DF076418.3, DF076425.3, DF076430.3, DF076449.3, DF076456.3, DF076457.3

    List of accession and version numbers of the wrong chromosome (20 entries)

    DG000001.1, DG000002.1, DG000003.1, DG000004.1, DG000005.1,
    DG000008.1, DG000009.1, DG000010.1, DG000011.1, DG000012.1, DG000013.1,
    DG000014.1, DG000016.1, DG000018.1, DG000019.1, DG000021.1, DG000022.1,
    DG000023.1, DG000024.1

We have replaced 24 entries of all chromosomes with updated version like below in order to control the chromosome versions uniformly.

previous version   updated version
DG000001.1-DG000024.1 --> DG000001.3-DG000024.3
DG000001.2-DG000024.2 --> DG000001.4-DG000024.4
DG000001.2-DG000024.2 were transferred to DG000001.4-DG000024.4 without any changes except for the date of LOCUS line and version number
The below three files, which were distributed from our anonymous FTP site:, contain the entries including the illegal CONTIG lines. Please be careful not to use the three files. At present, the three files were removed from the FTP site and replaced with the revised files.

  • You can see the revised file list by clicking here.
  • In addition, Oryzias_latipes_CON_060615_1.seq.gz that includes DG000001.2-DG000024.2 was replaced with Oryzias_latipes_CON_061018_1.seq.gz that includes DG000001.4-DG000024.4.
We apologize for your inconvenience.