DDBJ provides homology search services by WWW and E-mail. In FASTA, BLAST, and SSESRCH, you can select organisms in the EST division for the effective search (this selection is available only when "DDBJ ALL" or "DDBJ updates" is selected). According to the scieintific name change of the "tomato" (Lycopersicon seculentum -> Solanum lycopersicum), the EST organism option name is also changed in the same manner.
Details are as follows.
  before   ->   after
Scientific name : Lycopersicon esculentum   ->   Solanum lycopersicum
EST option (WWW): L.esculentum   ->   S.lycopersicum
EST option (E-mail): est_lesc   ->   est_slyc
Please refer to the corresponding help page in your search.