The honeybee genome sequencing consortium made up of 90 institutes reported the genome sequence of the honeybee, Apis melliferaon Nature 443, 931-949 (26 October 2006).
From Japan, RIKEN GSC and others were associated with the consortium.
Honeybee EST entries submitted from RIKEN GSC were distributed from DDBJ (See previous report).
  • Genome assemblies are available from following site.
    version 4.0; scaffolds: CM000054-CM000069, CH876891-CH878241
    version 3.0; contigs: AADG05000001-AADG05018946
    version 2.0; contigs: AADG04000001-AADG04016028
      scaffolds: CM000054-CM000069,
    version 1.2 ; contigs: AADG03000001-AADG03022771
      scaffolds: CM000054-CM000069,
    version 1.1; contigs: AADG02000001-AADG02030074
    version 1.0; contigs: AADG01000001-AADG01015795
  • Genome browsers are available for viewing the genome assemblies at
    following sites.