DDBJ upgraded the INSD-XML data format version from 1.3 to 1.4, on October 31, 2006. In DDBJ, INSD-XML data are provided at WWW getentry and anonymous FTP.

  1. 1.INSD-XML ver 1.4 is applied on the all data other than MGA at WWW getentry, and is applied on all the data excluding WGS and MGA at anonymous FTP.
    (Because the original notice was incorrect, this article was rectified. We apologize for it.(Dec.7))
  2. 2.Output format of getentry was changed from ver 1.3 to 1.4. When you do the search specifying DNA as the target database and INSD as the output format, the results are outputted in the ver 1.4 format.
  3. 3.At anonymous FTP, both 1.3 and 1.4 format data are available until the distribution of DDBJ release 68 (around the end of this year).
    INSD-XML version 1.3
    DDBJ release data
    DDBJNEW data
  4. DTD
  5. INSD-XML version 1.4
    DDBJ release data
    DDBJNEW data
  6. 4.Hierarchy of anonymous FTP site (where XML data are placed) was also reconstructed. DDBJ release and DDBJ new data are subject to this change.
    • DDBJ-XML was moved from xml/ to xml/ddbjxml/
    • INSD-XML was moved from insd/ to xml/insdxml
    • To obtain the latest version INSD-XML data, please visit xml/insixmlcurrent/
xml/  :  DDBJ-XML data allocated*
xml/insd/  :  INSD-XML v1.3 data allocated*
xml/ddbjxml/  :  DDBJ-XML data allocated
xml/insdxml/  : INSD-XML data allocated
xml/insdxml/v1.3/  : INSD-XML v1.3 data allocated*
xml/insdxml/v1.4/  : INSD-XML v1.4 data allocated
xml/insdxml_current/  : INSD-XML latest version data directory

* xml/ , xml/insd/ and xml/insdxml/v1.3/ are deleted after the release of DDBJ release68 (scheduled in the end of December, 2006)