In the "Release of new Xenopus laevis EST 129,076 entries (Dec.6)", the description of the organism name was corrected in some data. Details are as follows. For the Anonymous FTP, the new file which contains the corrected data was placed on the following site. Please download the files again, and replace with the old ones.
  • Organism name
    (Error) Xenopus laevis  ---> (Correct) Xenopus tropicalis
    DC135518-DC165593 (30076 entries)
    DC165594-DC195410 (29817 entries)
  • Correction for the developmental stage description
    (Error) stage 10.5 --->
    (Correct) mixture of equivalent stages 10.5-15 (early gastrula to mid neurula)
    DC066335-DC099907 (33573 entries)
    DC099908-DC135517 (35610 entries)
  • Anonymous FTP:
    Xenopus tropicalis EST
    (file name) Xenopus_tropicalis_EST_061215_1.seq.gz
    Xenopus laevis EST
    (file name) Xenopus_laevis_EST_061215_1.seq.gz

We apologize for your inconvenience.