DDBJ released WGS 134429 entries and CON 6928 entries for Medaka
(Oryzias latipes)
strain Hd-rR, and also released WGS 346141 entries and CON 38235 entries
for strain HNI. All of these data had been submitted by University of Tokyo.
These entries were released as DDBJ daily updates on April 2.
Reference URL:   http://medaka.utgenome.org/
The accession numbers and the file names for anonymous FTP are as follows;
Accession numbers;
strain Hd-rR (WGS version 4)
    WGS: BAAF04000001-BAAF04134429 (134429 entries)
    scaffold/CON : scaffold/CON :DF083412-DF090103 (6692 entries)
    ultra/CON : ultra/CON :DF090104-DF090315 (212 entries)
    chromosome/CON: chromosome/CON:DG000001-DG000024 (24 entries)
strain HNI (WGS version 1)
    WGS: BAAE01000001-BAAE01346141 (346141 entries)
    scaffold/CON: DF000001-DF038235 (38235 entries)
anonymous FTP: