DDBJ upgraded DDBJ's homology search services (FASTA, BLAST, PSI-BLAST, SSEARCH and HMMPFAM) on May 15, 2007. According to this enhancement, following changes were performed:
[1] Multiple queries submission is available in FASTA/SSEARCH/PSI-BLAST/HMMPFAM
Multiple queries submission which had been available in BLAST so far, is available in the all search programs.

[2] Addition of the links to each entry in HMMPFAM

  • In the HMMPFAM results, each Pfam ID links to its entry
  • Each seq-f value links to its alignment

=======================================================================Parsed for domains:Model      Domain  seq-f seq-t   hmm-f hmm-t     score  E-value--------   ------- ----- -----   ----- -----     -----  -------PF00310.11  1/1       2   264 ..    1   394 []   203.6  4.3e-58    

[3] Program names in FASTA/SSEARCH
Because there had been no naming rules of the program names. various names such as fastx and fastx34_t (in FASTA) had been mixed. After the upgrade, the version number was removed from the program name. Please refer to the top page of the each service when you would like to know the version.
[4] Change of program parameters in FASTA E-mail server
According to the [3], the version number was removed from program parameters, too. Currently,any description are aceeptable.
  • before
    fasta3_t, fastx3_t, tfasta3_t, tfastx3_t
  • after
    fasta, fastx, tfasta, tfastx
[5] The description of the result (E-mail) was unified to the same format in the all services.
[6] Description change from "In HTML format" to "HTML format" in WWW view
When the E-mail is specified with checking this box, the result in html format is attached to the mail. (When you enter only your E-mail address, the result is included in the mail message.)