DDBJ released DDBJ release 70.1 as a revision of 70.0 on July 24, 2007,
because some incorrect formatted data were contained in the release 70.
Revised version: DDBJ release 70.1 (released on July 24, 2007)
Original release: DDBJ release 70 (released on June 29, 2007)
Incorrect format line: Feature Table format
Corrected Acc Nos. : 53 entries
     AJ570278, AJ570279, AJ570280, AJ570281, AJ570283,
     AJ570284, AJ570285, AJ570286, AJ570287, AJ570288,
     AJ570289, AJ570290, AJ570291, AJ570292, AJ570294,
     AJ570295, AJ570296, AJ570297, AJ570298, AJ570299,
     AJ570300, AJ570301, AJ570302, AJ570303, AJ570305,
     AJ570468, AJ570470, AJ570471, AJ570472, AJ570473,
     AJ570474, AJ570475, AJ570476, AJ570477, AJ570478,
     AJ570479 AJ570481 AJ570482, td> AJ570483, AJ570484,
     AJ570485, AJ570486, AJ570487, AJ570488, AJ570489,
     AJ570490, AJ570492, AJ570493, AJ570494, AJ570495,
     X06674, X06675, AJ965256,    
Corrected files: ddbjbct1.seq
Reference: FTP site for periodical release and new data download

We DDBJ regret our mistake.