DDBJ completed the trial service of ARSA and released it officially.
The features of ARSA are as follows:

  • ARSA provides one-stop query to 23 life science databases including DDBJ International Nucleotide Sequence Database.

  • ARSA will return a quick response to any query regardless of the complexity of the query, the number of hits to the query and the target database(s)

  • In the case of DDBJ, you can define search conditions in details by use of any combination of Features/Qualifiers of the DDBJ flat file.

  • Application Programming Interface (API) is prepared so that you can call some functions of ARSA from your Java or Perl programs in your computer.
DDBJ added the following new functions based on the users' comments.
  • The search results can be downloaded across databases (1)
  • The database can be selected in the reslut pages (3)
  • The result items shown in the result pages can be
    specified in the all databases (2, 4)
  • The number of the records per page can be changed (5)
  • The links of page jump are added in the result pages.

Another Changes

  • The extension of file which can be downloaded with TSV format was changed from ".csv" to ".txt".
  • "Narrow Search " changed its name to "Refine Search".
  • SimpleQuery was removed.
  • HTTP download was abolished. You can download the results from anonymous FTP.
ARSA will continue to be enhanced, if you make comments. So, please visit ARSA and click "Your Comment" to help us to improve ARSA to help you.
(*) ARSA means "Here you go" in Japanese.