TPA and CON data were missed from the Anonymous FTP of INSD-XML corresponding to the DDBJ release 70.1. Also, the data were not available on the ARSA.

  • INSD-XML formatted CON: 3,932,751 entries, approx.61GB (including "marine metagenome")
  • INSD-XML formatted TPA: 5,442 entries, approx.74MB
    [note]INSD-XML CON of DDBJ Rel.69 is 983,699 entries, approx.11GB
Anonymous FTP
At present, the correct data are available from the following FTP site. Therefore, if you had downloaded the INSD-XML formatted release data of DDBJ Release 70.1 during the following period, please make up the missing files(listed in the below).

  • Period: June 29, 2007 - August 10, 2007
  • Current directory:

  • files newly placed:
    ddbjcon1.insd_xml.gz,  ddbjcon2.insd_xml.gz,  ddbjcon3.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon4.insd_xml.gz,  ddbjcon5.insd_xml.gz,  ddbjcon6.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon7.insd_xml.gz,  ddbjcon8.insd_xml.gz,  ddbjcon9.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon10.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon11.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon12.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon13.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon14.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon15.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon16.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon17.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon18.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon19.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon20.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon21.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon22.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon23.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon24.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon25.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon26.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon27.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon28.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon29.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon30.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon31.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon32.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon33.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon34.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon35.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon36.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon37.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon38.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon39.insd_xml.gz,ddbjcon40.insd_xml.gz, ddbjcon41.insd_xml.gz, ddbjtpa.insd_xml.gz</code>

ARSA search
Since the data addition to ARSA is still underway, so all of the CON and TPA data are not available on the ARSA. Please note that it would be likely to get incorrect results for DDBJ data. The completion of the data addition will be notified in this DDBJ HP.
As the data addition to the ARSA was completed, the correct results are available now (August 16, 18:00).
We apologize very much for your inconvenience, and appreciate your cooperation and understanding.