Total number of CON entris greatly increased from 983,699 to 3,932,751 in the latest DDBJ release (DDBJ Rel.70).
This big growth is caused by the addition of 4,087,206 entries, submitted from J. Craig Venter Institute, in 2007 April released so far.
The data are the results of marine metagenomic research, and details are introduced in the following papers.

  • Venter,J.C. et al. (2004). Science 304: 66-74
    "Environmental genome shotgun sequencing of the Sargasso Sea"

  • Yooseph,S. et al. (2007). PLoS Biol. 5 (3), E16
    "The Sorcerer II Global Ocean Sampling Expedition: Expanding the Universe of Protein Families"

  • Kannan,N. et al. (2007). PLoS Biol. 5 (3), E17
    "Structural and Functional Diversity of the Microbial Kinome"

  • Rusch,D.B. et al. (2007). PLoS Biol. 5 (3), E77
    "The Sorcerer II Global Ocean Sampling Expedition: Northwest Atlantic through Eastern Tropical Pacific"
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The entries are available on getentry, a retrieval tool of DDBJ (The data are available from the Anonymous FTP of the DDBJ" page (DDBJ Release and WGS). Accession numbers of the entries are listed below.
      CON entries:    EM000001-EM999999,
Piece WGS entries:    AACY020000001-AACY024124495