ARSA (All-round Retrieval of Sequence and Annotation) is the high-speed keyword search system provided by DDBJ.
Because of the further system upgrade works and periodical maintenance works, ARSA service will be unavailable at the following schedule. During this period, please use SRS and getentry as the substitute.
Suspension Date & Time: October 25(Thu) 9:00 - 26(Fri) 21:00 (Resume will be notified on this DDBJ HP)
Main improvements:
- Addition of the "PATHWAY" database to the searchable databases
- Specification of detailed search conditions is available in the all databases, as well as DDBJ
- Retrieval of multiple databases using the common search conditions is available
- Modification of the interface according to the above changes
Other improvements:
- Removal of the limit for the search keywords in the refine search
   (In the new ARSA, " ' ", " ( ", " ) ", " { ", " } " can be used)
- "AND" and/or "OR" should be entered into the search boxes directly
- Incompatibility of the "Search History" function
   (There are no compatibility of the search history between the current ARSA and the new ARSA)
We apologize for your inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
The service was resumed. Please try the upgraded ARSA. Thank you for your cooperation. (at 20:00, October 26)