We updated our home page on October 5, 2007, to make our data submitters and users comfortable at the DDBJ site.
The key points of the updating are as follows:
  • Redesign of our site navigation system.

    Based on a current trend of web site design,
    • we have placed a global menu near the top of the page, and
    • local (context-sensitive) menus at the left- hand side of each page.
    • the bread-crumb trail is located under the
      left corner of the global menu to help you avoid losing your way in
      our web site.

    In the new HP when you click one of the global menus, you can observe all the contents of each service at a glance, and make the best choice without stress.

  • Creation of a window for searching databases at the top of each page:

    In the new HP, you can search following types of data from the search
    window of each page
    , without migrating to the main page of the
    databases here and there.

i) accession numbers (by getentry)
ii) keywords in DDBJ release and daily update (by SRS)
iii) keywords in Protein databases (by SRS)
iv) Scientific names and names of taxa (by TXSearch)
v) Full text search in the DDBJ site.

We will replace the keyword search engine of SRS with ARSA when a new version of
ARSA is ready. It will be in a couple of months.