DDBJ newly released human gut microbiota metagenome WGS data, 353,805 entries, which had been submitted by University of Tokyo, Nara Institute Science and Technology, University of Miyazaki, University of Tokushima, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Azabu University, Kitasato University, Mitsubishi Research Institute INC. and RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center.
The results of of the human gut metagenomic research are introduced
in the following paper.
The accession numbers are as follows;
BAAU01000001-BAAU01028900 (28900 entries) (BAAU.gz)
BAAV01000001-BAAV01036326 (36326 entries) (BAAV.gz)
BAAW01000001-BAAW01016539 (16539 entries) (BAAW.gz)
BAAX01000001-BAAX01036455 (36455 entries) (BAAX.gz)
BAAY01000001-BAAY01030198 (30198 entries) (BAAY.gz)
BAAZ01000001-BAAZ01031237 (31237 entries) (BAAZ.gz)
BABA01000001-BABA01035177 (35177 entries) (BABA.gz)
BABB01000001-BABB01020226 (20226 entries) (BABB.gz)
BABC01000001-BABC01009958 ( 9958 entries) (BABC.gz)
BABD01000001-BABD01037296 (37296 entries) (BABD.gz)
BABE01000001-BABE01020532 (20532 entries) (BABE.gz)
BABF01000001-BABF01016164 (16164 entries) (BABF.gz)
BABG01000001-BABG01034797 (34797 entries) (BABG.gz)
These entries were released as DDBJ daily updates on October 18, 2007, and are available by anonymous FTP
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