In relation to the "new human gut metagenome WGS 353,805 entries" released by DDBJ on October 18, 2007, the thirteen files (BAAU.gz to BABG.gz), which were placed on /database/wgs/ or /database2/wgs/ directory
of anonymous FTP,
had a problem that the each entry was duplicated.
The files contain flatfiles for human gut metagenome WGS data.
We deeply apologize for inconveniences.
The problem has been resolved now.
Please retrieve the corrected files again if you have got
defective files during the period until Nov. 12, 2007, 12:30 PM.

  • Period: 2007.10.18 - 2007.11.12 12:30 PM

  • Details of the files:
    Name    Accession numbers
    BAAU.gz    BAAU01000001-BAAU01028900
    BAAV.gz    BAAV01000001-BAAV01036326
    BAAW.gz    BAAW01000001-BAAW01016539
    BAAX.gz    BAAX01000001-BAAX01036455
    BAAY.gz    BAAY01000001-BAAY01030198
    BAAZ.gz    BAAZ01000001-BAAZ01031237
    BABA.gz    BABA01000001-BABA01035177
    BABB.gz    BABB01000001-BABB01020226
    BABC.gz    BABC01000001-BABC01009958
    BABD.gz    BABD01000001-BABD01037296
    BABE.gz    BABE01000001-BABE01020532
    BABF.gz    BABF01000001-BABF01016164
    BABG.gz    BABG01000001-BABG01034797

Release of new human gut metagenome WGS data, 353,805 entries October 18, 2007