On 2008/02/19, BA000010 and BA000044 (CON division entries) were distributed with the invalid sequence version number by our operation mistake.
The correct versions were “BA000010.8” and “BA000044.2” respectively, but they appeared as “BA000010.9” and “BA000044.3”.<dd>Details are as follows:

    <li> Relevant accession numbers: BA000010, BA000044</li>
    <li>Affected DDBJ services and period:

            <dt>- getentry /ARSA: 2008/02/19 - 2008/03/05
            <dt>- Anonymous FTP site: <a href="https://ddbj.nig.ac.jp/public/ddbj_database/ddbjnew/contig/">ftp://ftp.ddbj.nig.ac.jp/ddbj_database/ddbjnew/contig/</a></dt>
            <dd>DDBJNEWr72.086.CON.gz: Including the enties with invalid sequence version number ( BA000010.9, BA000044.3 ).
            <dd>DDBJNEWr73.014.CON.gz: Including the fixed enties.</dd>

</dd> </dl> </li>

  • Cause: A software problem in the flatfile making process.
  • Current status: We have already fixed and deleted the invalid version entries
    in 2008/03/08 on the getentry and annonymous FTP (Daily update).
  • </ul>

    We apologize for our mistake very much.