The nucleotide sequence database collected and maintained by DDBJ is quarterly released online to the public. We completed DDBJ Release 73 on March 27, 2008/. DDBJ Release 73 consists of 83,167,582 entries, and the number of bases reached 86,099,950,395.<dd>The periodical release and the new data are available by FTP download from the “FTP/Web API” page.

[Apology for mistaking a part of CON data for PLN division on the DDBJ Rel.72 and DAD Rel.43]
  • DDBJ Rel.72
    • File name: ddbjcon1.seq.gz, ddbjcon1.insd_xml.gz
    • Accession number: reference(3,514 data)
    • Current status: Correction of DDBJ rel.73 (release on March 27,2008)
  • DAD Rel.42
    • File name: ddbjcon1.DAD.gz
    • Accession number: reference(30,434 data)
    • Current status: Correction of DAD rel.43 (release in the first of Aplil,2008)
We apologize very much for your inconvenience, and appreciate your cooperation and understanding.