CIB-DDBJ will close H-Invitational Database (H-Inv DB) mirror site as of Dec. 31, 2009.
Accordingly, anonymous-FTP will be shifted from the H-InvDB server to the DDBJ server.

“H-InvDB” is an integrated database of human genes and transcripts. CIB-DDBJ and
Biomedicinal Information Research Center (BIRC) constructed “H-Inv DB” to inform
the result of functional annotation of full-length cDNA data set analyzed by
H-Invitational since April, 2004.
In addition, DDBJ released functional annotation at “H-Invitational Database CIB-DDBJ
Flat File Server”, by the flat file format based on an International Nucleotide Sequence Database.
Hereafter, please use BIRC H-InvDB site. Thank you for your access to H-Inv DB mirroring site.