DDBJ provides ClustalW via WWW.

During the following period, analysis had not been executed. The details are as follows:<dd>

    <li>Period: Dec 28(Mon), 2009 from 0:00 to 12:00 (JST) </li>
    <li>Condition: After submitting the queries, although the Request IDs are displayed, the results cannot be views in the screen.</li>
    <li>Cause: Results which should have been deleted after an elapse of a certain period automatically, cumulated to the system limit. As a result, new analysis was not executed.</li>
    <li>Measure: Results were removed manually.</li>

<p>At present, the system works normally. If you had submitted queries during the above period and could not view its results, please submit the queries again. We apologize for your inconvenience.</p>