DDBJ discontinues the following services provided by WWW and by WebAPI, as of the described schedule. We apologize for your inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Services Terminationschedule Subst. servicesby DDBJ Subst. servicesoutside DDBJ
  FASTA (WWW/WebAPI) 2010.3.31Terminated supernig *1 EBI (WWW),Univ. of Virginia (WWW),KEGG (WWW)
  SSEARCH supernig *1 EBI (WWW),Univ. of Virginia (WWW),JST(WWW Japanese)
  PSI-BLAST   NCBI protein blast(WWW), JST (WWW Japanese)
  HMMPFAM   Sanger institute (WWW),HMMER (program download)
*1:for domestic users only (application is required, and support is only in Japanese)

February 1, 2010