DDBJ provides “getentry” as an entry retrieval system by accession numbers etc. The released entries are firstly searchable in the getentry (usually, the next day of releasing works operated)So far, the result view of a large entry (over 10 megabyte file size) in the WWW screen might have caused the system instability and the following interruption of the service.To avoid this problem, DDBJ modified the way of “how to get your result”.In the improved system, when a result entry is over 10 megabyte, FTP is automatically selected to get the result, even the user specified the WWW option. In case of multiple entries, if there is one entry which is over 10 megabyte, the all entries are by FTP. This modification will also be applied to the entry view from “ARSA search result” and “Homology Search (BLAST) search result”.This change will be active from May 25, 2010.
DDBJ will continue to enhnance our services. If you have any comments to DDBJ’s services, please send it to DDBJ.May 22, 2010