SAKURA is a nucleotide sequence data submission system through the WWW server at DDBJ. SAKURA has been open to public and continuously refined since 1995.Since specifications around input items for "Organism Information" page will be improved, DDBJ has to clean up old templates on SAKURA. Details are as follows:
  1. removing template
We will remove all saved templates from SAKURA server at the following schedule. After the removal, you cannot use your previous templates. So, please backup inputs of your templates in the meantime, if necessary.

October 26, 2010     around 9:00AM (JST)
  2. The period of template retention will be changed to 6 months
After 6 months from making, your template will be automatically removed from SAKURA server.
This change will be implemented without the service suspension. Please refer to the SAKURA's help page after it changes for a new input method.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.