DDBJ network services including NIG supercomputer (supernig) will be unavailable at the following schedule because of the electric power outage. Please note that the suspended period depends on the service.
Services Scheduled (JST)
SAKURA, getentry, BLAST, ClustalW,TXSearch, Vector Screening System,GIB, Anonymous-FTP Mar.18(Fri) 15:00 - Mar.22(Tue) 12:00
ARSA Mar.18(Fri) 15:00 - Mar.22(Tue) 18:00
NIG supercomputer (supernig) Mar.18(Fri) 15:00 - Mar.22(Tue) 9:00
DDBJ HP Mar.18(Fri) 17:00 - Mar.22(Tue) 9:00
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.