The BioProject database represents a higher order organization of research projects and the corresponding data which is deposited into several archival databases maintained by members of the INSDC.Data submitted to INSDC-associated databases cross-reference the BioProject identifier to support navigation between the project and the project’s datasets. At the DDBJ, records in the following DDBJ archival databases are grouped: DDBJ nucleotide sequence database, Sequence Read Archive and Trace Archive.The BioProject record has information about a project’s scope, material, objectives, funding source and general relevance categories.The BioProject resource is a redesigned, expanded, replacement of the NCBI Genome Project resource.The DDBJ BioProject issues internationally-recognized accession numbers with the prefix ‘PRJD’ to the submitted projects.Public project data are exchanged with the EBI and NCBI. * The BioProject resource is released in phases. After the release of interactive submission system, we will start to accept new BioProject submissions.