INSDC newly released whole genome sequence data of Solanum lycopersicum, which had been submitted by the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research.
Kazusa DNA Research Institute plays a major role in the International Tomato Genome Sequencing Project.
Reference URL:  Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (News)
    Tomato genome becomes fully sequenced paving the way for healthier fruits and vegetables
The accession numbers are as follows; (Available by getentry and DRASearch )


  • WGS:      AEKE02000001 - AEKE02026877 (AEKE.gz) ( 26,877 entries)
  • Chr CON: CM001064 - CM001075 ( 12 entries)
  • CON:       GL758110 - GL761332 ( 3,223 entries)

RNA-Seq data