Some disorders were found in a software tool to generate DAD entries from DDBJ entries.
Details are as follows:

Category 1
Coverage: Subset of DAD entries, DAD release notes
Period: From 2011.11.26 (DAD entries generated after DAD Rel. 58)
Situation: Invalid format of LOCUS line, Statistics in DAD release notes were not correct.

Category 2
Coverage: Subset of DAD entries
Period: Not clear
Situation: Invalid format of DEFINITION line, COMMENT line and part of features
For both categories 1 and 2
Services: Anonymous FTP´╝îgetentry
Measure: We will redistribute and apply DAD release 61.1 after fixing the software.

Please note DAD fasta files are generated in a normal way, independently of those disorders.

We apologize for your inconvenience.