Some disorders were found in the process of sorting TPA data from EMBL-Bank.
Details are as follows:

Coverage: Subset of TPA data from EMBL-Bank, 865 entries with following accession numbers.
  HE804769-HE804772  HG322958-HG323812  BN001513-BN001519  FR749997
Period: From 2013.04.24 to 2013.07.27
Services: anonymous FTP,getentry
Situation:In anonymous FTP: Intrinsically, TPA data should be separated into a directory (/ddbj_database/tpa/ddbjnew/) to distinguish from primary data. However, following TPA entries were included in the same files with primary data.
directory: name: DDBJNEWr93.043.dat.gz (contains HG322958-HG323812)           DDBJNEWr93.046.dat.gz (contains HG322958-HG323812)           DDBJNEWr93.050.dat.gz (contains BN001513-BN001519,FR749997)           DDBJNEWr93.054.dat.gz (contains HG322958-HG323812)           DDBJNEWr93.056.dat.gz (contains HG322958-HG323812)           DDBJNEWr93.065.dat.gz (contains HG322958-HG323812)
In getentry: The TPA entries were not loaded into getentry.

Measure: We have fixed the relevant software tool.
For anonymous FTP: The TPA entries will be reallocated correctly after DDBJ periodical release 94.
For getentry: The TPA entries have been loaded into getentry.

We apologize for your inconvenience.