Data submission of Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) was restarted. DDBJ distributed 78368 entries of nucleotide sequence data and 47582 entries of amino acid sequence data.

[KIPO data summary]
1) Accession number

 Nucleotide sequence data (78,368 entries): DI168563-DI246930
 Amino acid sequence data (47,582 entries): DI613600-DI661181

2) Data Example
Please check KIPO data example at following URL.
 Nucleotide sequence data:

 Amino acid sequence data:

3) Summary of Flat File (FF) structure for KIPO data
3-1: Patent number

KIPO patent number is described by Application and Publication number from this time submission. Therefore, KIPO data can be retrieved by both patent number.

DEFINITION, KEYWORDS and JOURNAL lines were set Publication number with Sequence number as [Publication number]-A/[Sequence number] format (Example: KR 1020100119005-A/1) on KIPO's FF.

Application number is described on AN line at COMMENT Block.

3-2: Header and description on COMMENT Block
Please check the description of each line.
   KN  Sequence ID
   AN  Application number
   AD  Application date
   PN  Publication number
   PD  Publication date
   AT  Application title
   AI  Inventors (bar-separated)
   AA  Applicants (bar-separated)
   PR  Priority number=Priority date (bar-separated)
   OS  Organism name
   TY  Sequence type (DNA, PRT)*
  *DNA=Nucleotide sequence data, PRT=Amino acid sequence data
4) KIPO submission files
Submission files were processed and submitted to DDBJ by Dr. Byungwook Lee at Korean Bioinformation Center (KOBIC) in collaboration with KIPO.