DDBJ released genome sequence data of strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa and other 4 species), which had been submitted by Kazusa DNA Research Institute.

Reference; Strawberry GARDEN

The accession numbers are as follows. They are available on getentry and DRASearch.

species WGS scaffold CON SRA
Fragaria x ananassa
(assembled to eliminate heterozygous)
BATS01000001-BATS01220286 (BATS.gz) DF266822-DF269452 DRR013866-DRR013871
Fragaria x ananassa
(assembled with octoploidity)
BATT01000001-BATT01714282 (BATT.gz) DF269453-DF338599 DRR013873-DRR013882
Fragaria iinumae BATU01000001-BATU01118549 (BATU.gz) DF338600-DF339317 DRR013884
Fragaria nipponica BATV01000001-BATV01215530 (BATV.gz) DF339318-DF339818 DRR013885
Fragaria nubicola BATW01000001-BATW01211274 (BATWgz) DF339819-DF340307 DRR013883
Fragaria orientalis BATX01000001-BATX01323675 (BATX.gz) DF340308-DF340817 DRR013886