DDBJ opens Nucleotide sequence data and Amino acid sequence data for International patent publication submitted from Japan Patent Office (JPO).

(1) Publication number format
Current format of publication number for International patent publication data (WO data) is constructed as follows.

 Format:  WO [4 digit year][6 digit ID]
 Example: WO 2014123456
 *WO of publication number is the country code for WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

In case of WO data submitted in 2000-2003, publication number was constructed as last two number of the year and 5 or 6 digit ID.

 Format:  WO [2 digit year][5 or 6 digit ID]
 Example: WO 01123456
               WO 0112345

(2) Revision contents
DDBJ revised the publication number of different format as current format with the cooperation of JPO, to improve retrieval convenience for user by publication number.

 Revision example: WO 01123456 –[correction]-> WO 2001123456
                           WO 0112345  –[correction]-> WO 2001012345

Revised WO data has been already distributed from getentry and ARSA.

 Nucleotide sequence data (39,737 entries WOna_list):
 [Data example]

 Amino acid sequence data (11,460 entries WOaa_list):
 [Data example]