DDBJ released genome sequence data of two cultivars of a species closely related to sweet potato (Ipomoea trifida), which had been submitted by Kazusa DNA Research Institute.

Sweetpotato GARDEN

The accession numbers are as follows. They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

Ipomoea trifida cultivar Mx23Hm
    scaffold CON: DF850533-DF884990 (34,458 entries)
    WGS: BBOG01000001-BBOG01163047 (BBOG.gz) (163,047 entries)
    DRA run: DRR023905-DRR023907

Ipomoea trifida cultivar 0431-1
    scaffold CON: DF884991-DF933566 (48,576 entries)
    WGS: BBOH01000001-BBOH01377770 (BBOH.gz) (377,770 entries)
    DRA run: DRR023898-DRR023904