DDBJ distributed the patent application sequence submitted from Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).
This submission was started transferring RNA data and adding new lines for CC, FH and FT header on Flat file (FF).

1) Accession number (Acc#)
KIPO data was issued the accession number as follows.
Nucleotide sequence (NA) data: DI409117-DI486707 (77,591 entries; DNA data: 47,242 entries, RNA data: 30,349 entries)
Amino acid sequence (AA) data: DI746460-DI792915 (46,456 entries)

Please check the released data by using getentry for Acc# and ARSA for keyword.

2) COMMENT block
COMMENT block was described as follows.
New lines for CC, FH and FT header were added after TY line.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      Header       Description contents------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------COMMENT    KN      Sequence ID            AN        Application number            AD        Application date            PN        Publication number            PD        Publication date            AT        Application title            AI        Inventors (bar-separated)            AA        Applicants (bar-separated)            PR        Priority number=Priority date (bar-separated)            OS        Organism name            TY        Sequence type (DNA, RNA, PRT)            CC        Comment            FH        Fixed character string of "Key   Location/Qualifiers"            FT        Feature/qualifier information------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</code>

(New addition headers)
CC: This line is described as supplemental information for sequence and others. In case of no value, it will be omitted.
FH: This line is described “Key  Location/Qualifiers” as fixed character string. It is mandatory line.
FT: This line is described as feature/qualifier information. In case of no value, it will be omitted.

(RNA data)
RNA data is described as “RNA” on TY line.

3) Collaboration
Submission files were processed and submitted to DDBJ by Dr. Byungwook Lee at Korean Bioinformation Center (KOBIC) in collaboration with KIPO.