DDBJ released TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly) data of ants, 17 species which had been submitted by Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.

The accession numbers are as follows. They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

organism TSA accession numbers DRA accession numbers
Formica aquilonia LH381539-LH513652 (132,114 entries) DRR042077-DRR042082 (DRA003820)
Formica cinerea LH513653-LH652103 (138,451 entries) DRR042083-DRR042088 (DRA003820)
Formica exsecta LH652104-LH973351 (321,248 entries) DRR042089-DRR042092 (DRA003820)
Formica fusca LI000001-LI121692 (121,692 entries) DRR042093-DRR042098 (DRA003820)
Formica pratensis LI121693-LI219804 ( 98,112 entries) DRR042099-DRR042104 (DRA003820)
Formica pressilabris LI219805-LI349988 (130,184 entries) DRR042105-DRR042110 (DRA003820)
Formica truncorum LI349989-LI476587 (126,599 entries) DRR042111-DRR042116 (DRA003820)
Lasius neglectus LI476588-LI563515 ( 86,928 entries) DRR042123-DRR042128 (DRA003820)
Lasius turcicus LI563516-LI670604 (107,089 entries) DRR042129-DRR042134 (DRA003820)
Linepithema humile LI670605-LI795928 (125,324 entries) DRR042117-DRR042122 (DRA003820)
Monomorium chinense LI795929-LI926639 (130,711 entries) DRR042135-DRR042140 (DRA003820)
Monomorium pharaonis LJ000001-LJ120855 (120,855 entries) DRR042141-DRR042146 (DRA003820)
Myrmica rubra LJ120856-LJ206166 ( 85,311 entries) DRR042147-DRR042152 (DRA003820)
Myrmica ruginodis LJ206167-LJ284088 ( 77,922 entries) DRR042153-DRR042158 (DRA003820)
Myrmica sulcinodis LJ284089-LJ356044 ( 71,956 entries) DRR042159-DRR042164 (DRA003820)
Solenopsis invicta LJ356045-LJ530869 (174,825 entries) DRR042165-DRR042170 (DRA003820)
Solenopsis invicta LJ530870-LJ707314 (176,445 entries) DRR042171-DRR042176 (DRA003820)