DDBJ released TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly) data of Tausch's goatgrass (Aegilops tauschii), 10 strains which had been submitted by Kobe University.

The accession numbers are as follows. They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

strain TSA accession numbers DRA accession numbers
AT76 IAAN01000001-IAAN01045723 (IAAN.gz) (45,723 entries) DRR058959 (DRA004604)
KU-2003 IAAO01000001-IAAO01055813 (IAAO.gz) (55,813 entries) DRR058960 (DRA004604)
KU-2025 IAAP01000001-IAAP01033680 (IAAP.gz) (33,680 entries) DRR058961 (DRA004604)
KU-2075 IAAQ01000001-IAAQ01065447 (IAAQ.gz) (65,447 entries) DRR058962 (DRA004604)
KU-2078 IAAR01000001-IAAR01060884 (IAAR.gz) (60,884 entries) DRR058963 (DRA004604)
KU-2087 IAAS01000001-IAAS01065827 (IAAS.gz) (65,827 entries) DRR058964 (DRA004604)
KU-2093 IAAT01000001-IAAT01053474 (IAAT.gz) (53,474 entries) DRR058965 (DRA004604)
KU-2124 IAAU01000001-IAAU01060479 (IAAU.gz) (60,479 entries) DRR058966 (DRA004604)
KU-2627 IAAV01000001-IAAV01060547 (IAAV.gz) (60,547 entries) DRR058967 (DRA004604)
PI499262 IAAW01000001-IAAW01055848 (IAAW.gz) (55,848 entries) DRR058968 (DRA004604)