DDBJ released genome and transcriptome data of a nematode (Diploscapter coronatus) which had been submitted by National Institute of Genetics.

The accession numbers are as follows. They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

scaffold CON: DF938600-DF939119 (520 entries)
WGS: BBTA01000001-BBTA01000876 (876 entries) BBTA.gz
mitochondrion: LC213018
DRA: DRR029945, DRR029947-DRR029949 (DRA003032)
EST: HY508709-HY917604 (408,896 entries)
    5'-EST; HY508709-HY542648 (33,940 entries)
    3'-EST; HY542649-HY579821 (37,173 entries)
    5'-EST; HY579822-HY618590 (38,769 entries)
    3'-EST; HY618591-HY658349 (39,759 entries)
    5'-EST; HY658350-HY722425 (64,076 entries)
    3'-EST; HY722426-HY786383 (63,958 entries)
    5'-EST; HY786384-HY852144 (65,761 entries)
    3'-EST; HY852145-HY917604 (65,460 entries)
DRA: RNA-Seq; DRR029946 (DRA003032)