Previously, the number of files on the directory for WGS data ( was too huge and it was difficult to access the directory, so, we divided the files into sub-directories.
We are very sorry for such an urgent announcement. We changed the FTP site for WGS data as follows.
We apologize for the inconveniences and thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this modification.

Date: January 25th, 2018

Before: All WGS data in the files named as the prefixes of their accession numbers as follows were placed with under the following directory;****.gz

After: They have been divided into following sub-directories named after the first two letters of the prefixes of their accession numbers;**.gz**.gz

Please note that the files for file list of WGS data (WGS_ORGANISM_LIST.html and WGS_ORGANISM_LIST.txt) are remained at