DDBJ released sequence data of great Mormon (Papilio memnon) which had been submitted by University of Tokyo.

The accession numbers are as follows. They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

DRA DRR086943-DRR086947 (DRA005523)
WGS BDMF01000001-BDMF01040194 (53,253 entries) BDMF.gz
CON LD688930-LD695115,LD695117-LD700014 (11,084 entries)
DRA DRR086948-DRR086951 (DRA005523)
WGS BDMG01000001-BDMG01056541 (56,541 entries) BDMG.gz
CON: LD700015-LD726223 (26,209 entries)
Non_mimetic2: DRA DRR086956 (DRA005523)
Non_mimetic3: DRA DRR086957 (DRA005523)
Non_mimetic4: DRA DRR086958 (DRA005523)
Mimetic2: DRA DRR086959 (DRA005523)
Mimetic3: DRA DRR086960 (DRA005523)
Mimetic5: DRA DRR086961 (DRA005523)
Mimetic6: DRA DRR086962 (DRA005523)
Mimetic7: DRA DRR086963 (DRA005523)
transcriptome (RNA-Seq)
Female1: DRA DRR086964 (DRA005523)
Female2: DRA DRR086965 (DRA005523)
Female3: DRA DRR086966 (DRA005523)
Male1: DRA DRR086967 (DRA005523)
Male2: DRA DRR086968 (DRA005523)
Male3: DRA DRR086969 (DRA005523)