DDBJ BioSample has implemented validator to the submission system to improve the submission process while keeping quality of submitted records on 16th, March.

In the ATTRIBUTES tab of the D-way BioSample submission system, the validator automatically checks uploaded text file describing sample attributes. Please revise and re-upload your sample records according to the error and warning messages displayed. Submitters can not submit the BioSamples until all errors are resolved.

Consistencies between the selected package and taxonomic lineage, the organism and taxonomy id are checked by using semantic web technologies utilizing the RDF version of the taxonomy database.

For rules and messages of the validator, please see Validation page. Upon the validator release, two points are changed.

Novel organism

To submit a novel organism not registered in NCBI Taxonomy, please request the BioSample teamto register a novel organism to the Taxonomy database in advance to BioSample submission.

Within 2-3 weeks, the mandatory taxonomy_id attribute will be made optional. After this migration, when submitting BioSample with novel organism, please enter a proposed name in the organism field and leave the taxonomy_id empty.

Differentiating sample attributes

To distinguish samples in structural way, please differentiate samples with distinct attributes other than sample name, title, bioproject_id and description. validation rule: BS_R0024