DDBJ released genome sequence data of volvocine green algae (Eudorina sp. and Yamagishiella unicocca) which had been submitted by University of Tokyo.

The accession numbers are as follows.
They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

Eudorina sp. (female)
  • WGS BDSI01000001-BDSI01003180 (3,180 entries) BDSI.gz
  • DRA DRR024798-DRR024799 (DRA002727), DRR066434 (DRA004920)
Eudorina sp. (male)
  • WGS BDSJ01000001-BDSJ01002471 (2,471 entries) BDSJ.gz
  • DRA DRR024800 (DRA002727), DRR066435 (DRA004920)
Yamagishiella unicocca (minus)
  • WGS BDSK01000001-BDSK01001897 (1,897 entries) BDSK.gz
  • DRA DRR066363-DRR066407 (DRA004919)
Yamagishiella unicocca (plus)
  • WGS BDSL01000001-BDSL01001461 (1,461 entries) BDSL.gz
  • DRA DRR066408-DRR066433 (DRA004919)