DDBJ released genome and transcriptome sequence data of two species of Symbiodinium (Symbiodinium sp. clade A Y106 and Symbiodinium sp. clade C Y103) which had been submitted by Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.

The accession numbers are as follows.
They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

Symbiodinium sp. clade A Y106
  • WGS BGNK01000001-BGNK01016176 (16,176 entries) BGNK.gz
  • DRA DRR079237-DRR079241 (DRA005333), DRR119200-DRR119201 (DRA006397)
transcriptome (RNA-Seq)
  • DRA DRR079242-DRR079246 (DRA005333)
Symbiodinium sp. clade C Y103
  • WGS BGPT01000001-BGPT01006576 (6,576 entries) BGPT.gz
  • DRA DRR088460-DRR088465 (DRA005578)
transcriptome (RNA-Seq)
  • DRA DRR088466-DRR088470 (DRA005578)