DDBJ released sequence data of Chara braunii which had been submitted by Kanazawa University.

The accession numbers are as follows.
They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

strain S276 genome
  • WGS BFEA01000001-BFEA01011654 (11,654 entries) BFEA.gz
  • chloroplast AP018555
  • mitochondrion AP018556
  • DRA DRR054004-DRR054038 (DRA004353), DRR124900-DRR124902 (DRA006568), DRR124903 (DRA006569)
strain S277 genome
  • DRA DRR054048 (DRA004353)
symbiont metagenome
  • WGS BFBZ01000001-BFBZ01016437 (16,437 entries) BFBZ.gz
  • LU106825-LU124807 (17,983 entries) late vegetative stage, 5'-EST
  • LU124808-LU142337 (17,530 entries) late vegetative stage, 3'-EST
  • LU142338-LU159758 (17,421 entries) reproductive stages before fertilization, 5'-EST
  • LU159759-LU176793 (17,035 entries) reproductive stages before fertilization, 3'-EST