DDBJ released TSA data of 7 brown algae, which had been submitted by Kobe University.

The accession numbers are as follows.
They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

Agarum clathratum
  • TSA IABI01000001-IABI01055794 (55,794 entries) IABI.gz
  • DRA DRR068675 (DRA005083)
Alaria crassifolia
  • TSA IABJ01000001-IABJ01055569 (55,569 entries) IABJ.gz
  • DRA DRR068676 (DRA005083)
Aureophycus aleuticus
  • TSA IABK01000001-IABK01052562 (52,562 entries) IABK.gz
  • DRA DRR068677 (DRA005083)
Costaria costata
  • TSA IABL01000001-IABL01059788 (59,788 entries) IABL.gz
  • DRA DRR068678 (DRA005083)
Pseudochorda nagaii
  • TSA IABM01000001-IABM01078803 (78,803 entries) IABM.gz
  • DRA DRR068679 (DRA005083)
Saccharina angustata
  • TSA IABN01000001-IABN01058936 (58,936 entries) IABN.gz
  • DRA DRR068680 (DRA005083)
Undaria pinnatifida
  • TSA IABO01000001-IABO01054203 (54,203 entries) IABO.gz
  • DRA DRR068681 (DRA005083)