DDBJ released sequence data of Asian ladybeetle (Harmonia axyridis) and seven-spotted ladybird (Coccinella septempunctata), which had been submitted by National Institute for Basic Biology.

The accession numbers are as follows.
They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

See also A mechanism of color pattern formation in ladybird beetles

Harmonia axyridis
  • WGS BHEG02000001-BHEG02018515 (18,515 entries) BHEG.gz
  • DRA DRR023313-DRR023320 (DRA002559)
genome (F2 hybrid)
  • pannier locus AP018896
  • WGS BHED01000001-BHED01050274 (50,274 entries) BHED.gz
  • DRA DRR140186 (DRA007002)
genome (NT6 strain)
  • pannier locus AP018897
  • WGS BHEE01000001-BHEE01050762 (50,762 entries) BHEE.gz
  • DRA DRR140185 (DRA007002)
genome (NT8 strain)
  • pannier locus AP018898
  • WGS BHEF01000001-BHEF01044316 (44,316 entries) BHEF.gz
  • DRA DRR140187 (DRA007002)
genome (other strains and long reads)
  • DRA DRR100149-DRR100152 (DRA006068), DRR140381-DRR140394 (DRA007004)
  • DRA DRR140189-DRR140380 (DRA007003)
  • Ha-pnr cDNA LC269047-LC269055 (9 entries)
  • RNA-seq DRA DRR092246-DRR092257 (DRA005777)
Coccinella septempunctata
  • WGS BHEC01000001-BHEC01055573 (55,573 entries) BHEC.gz
  • DRA DRR140188 (DRA007002)
  • Cs-pnr cDNA LC269056
  • Cs-rp49 cDNA LC269057